Saturday, August 11, 2007

Mysterious Batu Katak (Frog Rock )formation

Known as Batu Katak (Frog Rock) by local. Located halfway to Sibu Sarawak from Bintulu-Sibu Highway. According to local stories, this mysterious rock brings good luck to punters and during the highway construction, several attempts to destroy the rock failed even after being blast with numbers of dynamites by workers. In one accounts, claimed to be haunted and few peoples who tries to moved the rock end up dead. How far was the claim nobody knows but the rock formation still standing to this day and a roof was build by anonymous people especially punters especially Chinese to seek their lucky numbers.

Fadlee@Katana Blade
ParaCrypt Research and Study Group Member


A local visitor near the formation
Last September 2008, PRSG team lead by Fadlee went to the site to conduct investigation regarding the phenomenon. Based on their report submitted to the admin, the investigation shows that the rock was nearly fully written with lucky numbers visitors often came to the spot for wishing. According to interview and data collecting session, the formation already exist there almost 3 decades. And the clearing of the area for highway construction reveal the mysterious rock formation and later unexplained death cases and incidents occurred after several attempt to destroy the rock for highway constructions. PRSG Team also conducting night research near the area and encounter mysterious thick fog appeared near the area in certain time (PRSG didn't took this phenomenon as hard evidence of haunting due to location of thick forest at the side of the rock formation and temperature drop is normal in this kind of forest environment. But still it was taken as findings for reference in order to release future research articles based on scientific explaination) and apparition of dark figure and unexplained moving human shape fog crossing the road and vanished near the rock formation.

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