Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kemayan City mystery

Kemayan City Mall is a well-known abandoned building for its mysterious ghostly accounts especially to local residents in the area of Tampoi, Skudai and Johor Bahru. The abandoned building was actually a consisting of residential and commercial spaces (Cineplex, supermarket, shopping mall etc). In late 90s due to the Asian Economic Crisis the construction project was stopped and though the exterior of the complex was complete, the interior was hardly usable.

Various accounts of ghostly sightings and mysterious cases occurred since. Most famously told till now was stories experienced by tourist from neighboring country Singapore regarding the complex. It was about a family who was on their way back to Woodland Singapore after attending their relative's wedding ceremony in Malacca. Their true life experience was told to the Unit Falaq Syarie Johore. According to the witnesses, while they were on their way to Singapore, they saw the complex which supposedly abandoned earlier was decorated in a glamorous and colourful lights with a lot of peoples came and entering the complex, and it seems something grand was ongoing. Then they stopped by thinking that the complex was finally open for business and since it was still early they planned to have a look inside. What they found was, a grand opening ceremony of the complex was in place with a lot of entertainment and sales. After spending for about half an hour sightseeing in the complex, the family continue their journey to Singapore but stopped by at their relative's house in Kampung Pasir not far from the area for a short visit.

The family then told their relatives bout the grand opening and also show them goods which they have bought at the mall. However, they were surprised to see that all goods like T Shirts and other things turn to dry leaves and also missing. Most shocking part was they were told by their relatives that the mall was never been open for business till now and it the buildings has been left emptied for many years.

How far the claim was true, till now the abandoned building of Kemayan City Mall was still a mystery and various haunting experienced told by not only from Singapore but also the locals from other cities who have been 'tricked' by the mysterious events.

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Go Gos Crazy Bones said...

Tak pasti samada kemayan city berhantu atau kali terakhir ada orang lain yang nampak hantu, mungkin jika sesiapa atau awak nampak hantu tu lagi boleh beri pengalaman sikit.