Monday, May 5, 2008

Abondaned surau in the bushes

View from the road side

Thick bushes surrounding the building

Swampy land near the location

Another view of the building

Located in the middle of Kuala Baram Lutong Road and has been abandoned for nealy 20 years. Few sightings of apparition reported by highway user near the area in the form of dark figure, old man crossing the road in front of the place and suddenly vanished, mist and goosebumps

The building was about 100 metres from the road and surrounded by thick bushes and trees. Investigation during a day time was done for a stage 1 assessment by PRSG Team ( Goh TT and R Iskandar) and found out that in term of entering the area, the team needs to walk and hack the bushes and also crossing a swampy ground. Further visits and research will be done in a near time.


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