Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Lutong Airstrip

The first Miri airstrip which situated in Lutong and known as Lutong Airport
during the early days

Another view of the abandoned airstrip and now it was use by the local motor club for yearly drag and sprint race events due to the smooth and suitable tarmacs for race

Last visit of PRSG was in early 2008 in order to conduct a night research in the area. The area was known as WW2 sites where craters from aircraft fighters still can be seen and even aircraft wrecks. However, some part of the airstrip is now became a watermelon plantation by the locals.

The area also famous for it's haunting cases back in 70's till 90's where ghostly apparition of Lady in White strolling near Anderson Bridge and also soldiers marching in the middle of the airstrip. PRSG members once experienced of seeing apparition of WW2 Japanese aircraft landing on the airstrip in the middle of the night while conducting paranormal research in the area and when they try to get closed to the landed aircraft, suddenly the fighter aircraft vanished without a trace. The climax of the haunting was in early 90's where one of the auxiliary police who was on duty guarding the airstrip area were hysterically ran from his guard house after he saw full torso apparition of a lady suddenly appeared in front of his guard house door. In another account, some of the guard gave a radio call to their on duty officer to fetch them up due to continous disturbance of building shaken, sound of women crying in the middle of the night, apparition of WW2 Japanese soldier wondering nearby the guard house and sound of footsteps wearing military boots in the locked office building after office hours

During the period of research, PRSG team also conducting excavation project and managed to trace almost complete WW2 Japanese aircraft wrecks but due to iron scavenging activities in the area, the last aircraft was finally gone and only left scattered materials and items from the wrecks.

Article by

R. Iskandar
Paracrypt Research and Study Group

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