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WW2 Execution Field Project- The updates

Bukit Tanjung was situated in the south west of Miri city. The sites was not known to public as one of active haunting ground. Only some old folks confirmed the area as one of the Japanese Occupation era for beheading and execution ground. During dawn of WW2, some of the POWs were brought to the area for execution and most of the prisoners were the locals supervisors and also the British and Dutch personnel who was being captured by the Japanese before they surrender to the Allied. According to local source, at first after the invasion, Japanese military offers locals and some of western foreigners who didn't manage to escape the attacks to work with the Japanese to operates and repaired the destroyed refinery and operation after being burnt to ground by British. High pay and better living were promised to the people and thus gave a response. But after few years working for the Japanese, all of the workers especially the skill and experienced personnel were captured back. The purposed of capturing the personnels was to ensure the British or the Allied facing difficulties to rebuild and operates back the oil field after the war ended due to lack of skilled and experienced personnel and workers.

Based on local folks account, after the personnels were beheaded, the headless body were kicked and pushed down from the cliff where the execution took place and the heads left lying on the ground and even some of it kicked as a ball by the soldiers. The PRSG try to traced the cements platform (6x 2 ft) which were claimed by the locals as the spot where the POW were executed but until this article were released in the official site, the exact blocks location is still unknown ( theory of the cement block already covered by earth).

In 1980's during Royal Majesty visits to Miri ( Malaysian YDPT Agong), one of the children who were at the area stunned and shock after seeing headless torso of WW2 POW passing in front of him not far from the place he was playing. He later told his mom but it was taken as a joke. Various incidents happened in the area especially during full moon and many claims to saw WW2 Japanese soldier apparitions and in some accounts, local claims to heard the groaning sound of a man.

(Notes; Due to dark area and quiet place, some of the area spot were used as lover port for dates and the claims reported by the visitors and most of them have the same cases- apparition of Japanese like WW2 soldiers wondering in front of their vehicles or spot and even apparition off headless being suddenly appeared from nowhere.)

Long week research which have been done by PRSG team finds that the area are active haunting ground and various EVP and disturbances:

a) Nightshot handycam suddenly off and the tripod suddenly seems to be moved from it's original spot,

b) Recordings suddenly became blur and out-focus without reason (cam were left alone for hours)

c) Dog-like apparitions suddenly appear and vanish into thin air in front of the researcher

d) Heavy goosebumps

e) Headless torso marching and vanished few metres away from the team

f) Thump on the team car's roof and after examined there's no one around in the area except the team

g) Unexplainable car security lock incident- before leaving the car to park, alarm were triggered to on and indication sound were heard. But when the team returned to the car, seems to be nothing happened but when the team leader try to off the alarm, suddenly the car lock and relocked automatically (seems like the entity tried to keep us staying in the area). Further check on the alarm system confirmed that there's nothing wrong with the remote or the alarm.

h) EVP captured sound of WW2 single engine Japanese fighter aircraft hovering and suddenly diving attack position. (Further investigation finds that there's a WW2 Japanese fighter aircraft wreckage not far from the Tun Dato Tuanku Hj Bujang College and the wreckage were found by local fisherman half sunken near the Tanjung Lubang Cliff in early 60's. Unfortunately now it's no more to be seen-either taken as a scrap by nearby village or rusted and washed away by the sea water)

Article by

R Iskandar
Paracrypt Research and Study Group

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