Saturday, May 19, 2007

Sarawakian girl ghost photo comments

I've been visiting the blog for quite number of times and I'm impressed for the work and ideas of the team to have a place where readers and researcher can share their opinions, personal findings and theories, latest info or having discussion on related fields. Congrats to the team and keep up the good work Paracrypt RSG.

Regarding the girl's ghost photo, I hope this short info will be posted in the blog for sharing. I've got it when I'm surfing looking for the source of the alleged 'ghost' photo from sarawakian girl- Belinda.

The photo which sent by the girl claiming she took it and ghostly apparition suddenly appear.

The same photo published by Indonesian Magazine with the date and no embeded wordings last year. Notes the position of 'owner image property note' with the photo from indonesian. Conclusion, a repost edited image.

This photo and story posted recently from Belinda-Sarawak was confirmed HOAX.

Phillip Tan, Singapore

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