Tuesday, May 1, 2007

UFO is it really exist or just imaginary wave?

These are some examples of common UFO description from witness. UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) or also known as flying saucer is one of the most controversial issues in science, either it was a hoax or real unknown flying object. Starting from the Roswell Crash until now, UFO seems to be inplant in every peoples mind, eventhough skeptics usualy rejects it with concrete proof and theories. If we look into many aspect perhaps it's can be categorized as questionable. Above image was some of the UFO's physical look. The question was, if there's UFOs, why it came with various look and most of it likely to be came from 'creative hoax image'. Please note that after first camera was invented and during 1920-60, image of superimposed and doble exposure was quite famous. During that 'UFO' era, many people claim their seen UFOs but most of the report was hoax and even the photo became a modern legends.

What do you reader's and team think?

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