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UFO-The facts behind the phenomenon

Many theories and opinions regarding the phenomenon even photo or vids showing this anomalies hovering or crossing the horizon. According to experts, 80% of the alleged evids were fake/hoax created by certain parties to heatin' up the stories of UFO's, 18% were caused by nature and only 2% were unknowned. UFO's 'wave' hits up the world nation especially in the west block since the first sightings recorded by Capt. Kenneth Arnold in 60's and since then followed by Roswell Case and others. UFO's became hot issues and many witnesses claimed they've seen this anomaly. But are these reports accepted as proofs of UFO existence? Why UFO's reports mostly during modern age? Do they ever encountered by people who lived during medievel or historical ages?

Let's look into some of early sightings manuscript and text which taken from the Bible and Holy Quran and search for the proof.

The Bible

EZEKIEL 1:4- 1:24

"And I looked, and behold, a whirlwind came out of the north, a great cloud, and a fire infolding itself, and a brightness was about it, and out of the midst therof as the colour of amber, out of the midst of the fire.

(verse 5) Also out of the midst therof came the likeness of four living creatures. And this was their appearance; they had the likeness of a man.

(verse 6) And every one had four faces, and every one had four wings.

(verse 7) And their feet were straight feet; and the sole of their feet was like the sole of a calf s foot and they sparkled like the colour of bur�nished brass.

(verse 8) And they had the hands of a man under their wings on their four sides; and they four had their faces and their wings.

(verse 9) Their wings were joined one to another; they turned not when they went; they went every one straight forward.

(verse 10) As for the likeness of their faces, they four had the face of a man, and the face of a lion, on the right side: and they four had the face of an ox on the left side; they four also had the face of an eagle.

(verse 11) Thus were their faces: and their wings� were stretched upward; two wings of every one were joined one to another, and two covered their bodies.

(verse 12) And they went every one straight forward: whither the spirit was to go, they went; and they turned not when they went

(verse 13) As for the likeness of the living creatures, their appearance was like burning coals of fire, and like the appearance of lamps: it went up and down among the living creatures; and the fire was bright, and out of the fire went forth lightning.

(verse 14) And the living creatures ran and returned as the appearance of a flash of lightning.

(verse 15) Now as I beheld the living creatures, behold one wheel upon the earth by the living creatures, with his four faces.

(verse 16) The appearance of the wheels and their work was like unto the colour of a beryl: and they four had one likeness: and their appearance and their work was as it were a middle of a wheel.

(verse 17) When they went they went upon their four sides: and they turned not when they went

(verse 18) As for their rings, they were so high that they were dreadful; and their rings were full of eyes round about them four.

(verse 19) And when the living creatures went, the wheels went by them: and when the living creatures were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up.

(verse 20) Whithersoever the spirit was to go, they went, thither was their spirit to go; and the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

(verse 21) When those went, these went; and when those stood, these stood; and when those were lifted up from the earth, the wheels were lifted up over against them: for the spirit of the living creature was in the wheels.

(verse 22) And the likeness of the firmament upon the heads of the living creature was as the colour of the terrible crystal, stretched forth over their heads above.

(verse 23) And under the firmament were their wings straight, the one toward the other: every one had two, which covered on this side, and every one had two, which covered on that side their bodies.

(verse 24) And when they went I heard the noise of their wings, like the noise of great waters; as the voice of the Almighty, the voice of speech, as the noise of an host when the: stood they let down their wings."

Over the past few years several people questioned if the book of Ezekiel talks about aliens and flying saucers.

Well, first off Ezekiel did not have primitive language, it was just as complex as ours is today. There is no good evidence for life on other planets.

As far as the bible is concerned, these are more to angelic beings, not alien beings. However most of believers still stick to the theories that Ezekiel saw the UFO's and aliens.

In Muslim Holy Quran, there's no verse or even words mentioning about alien being ad etc and only about Jinn (Genie), Satan and human. However according to some scholars, if the UFO's does exist, it might be the Jinn, since Jinn lifestyle and hidden dimension is similar to our human world-they have families, governments, scientist or even priest and religion.

I'm not saying that UFO's never exist but according to modern scientific research and solid proof, it shows that most of the alleged UFO cases were actually hoax and make up stories.

This is my personal opinion and theories which I would like to share to the readers or researchers regarding this controversial anomalies.

1) UFO sightings can be easily explained by natural means, many are nothing more than sightings of stars, cloud formation, high altitud jets, meteors, and even the planet Venus (the nearest planet in the solar system to the sun and which brings it brighter than the others, and can be seen sometimes with naked eyes especially during dusk.

Cloud image

Jet trail image

2) Some of the most famous "pictures" and "videos" of flying saucers were staged, using models, image editing softwares, toys, frisbees, pot's lid and even trash can lids.

There's more image or video perhaps readers out there have seen and most of it'too good t be true'. But as what I've said, only 2-1% were unknown objects. So that's all from me regarding personal opinion and comments regarding the UFO. Perhaps there's more experts and detail explanation from the Paracrypt members and other researchers. Thanks.

Rhode Island, USA

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