Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Philippines Haunting

Signboard of the Balete Drive

The eerie look in one of Balete Drive area

Balete Drive ghost stories have been around allegedly since the 1950s. The most popular is a “white lady” that haunts the long avenue and seems to target cab drivers in particular—but not exclusively. The hair-raising accounts went through the years, many claiming to have personally seen this mysterious lady. Paranormal experts believe that the white lady was raped by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War, and other version was in one late night a cab driver violated a pretty girl on her way home. Since then, the ghost stories started and circulated in the metropolis. Witnesses of the white lady, advise motorists to avoid the street at night, especially if they are alone. If it is necessary to travel the route, they advise that the backseat of the car is fully occupied and that no one should look back or look in any mirrors.

The apparition wears a night gown, has long hair but has no face or one covered with blood. This has somewhat become part of Philippine folklore unofficially. Other ghost tales of Balete Drive include spirit kingdoms, spirit creatures, and haunted houses.

Another view of Balete Drive

Balete Drive connects the long span between E.Rodriguez and N. Domingo Avenues in New Manila, Quezon City. It’s about 45 minutes travel from Manila via the Cubao route through Espana and E. Rodriguez Avenue. The Balete Drive corner at E. Rodriguez is a bustling business area mushroomed with fast foods and other establishments.

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