Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WW2 Japanese soldier apparition

I have been following PRSG official blog for quite some years now and I'm so anxious everytime I open the blog to read any new findings and new articles. Keep on the good work guys and may all your efforts be blessed.

I would like to share some of my personal experience of encountering paranormal entities especially what most people called 'GHOST'. It was happened when I was visiting a famous fort in Manila, Philippine years ago. I was exploring few of the dungeon and I took several photo to show to my friends back home. I didn't realized there was something eerie inside my photos until one of my friend show it again to me. it was the figure of a man. On closer inspection the man became a soldier dressed in full period uniform of the Japanese Army! He stands holding his rifle in front, with the butt at his feet. Has this soldier been captured in an ethereal moment in time, whilst standing guard over his prisoners? And in addition there was also a bright , strange and random specks of light which clearly seen in the photo? Were they merely the reflection of the flash in the camera - or were they a strange atmospheric phenomenon or something else?

In this close up, his hat, nose, mouth and ears can be clearly discerned. It is a ghostly and inexplicable apparition. It's really gave me a creeps and I would like the readers and other researchers to give comments bout the eerie phenomenon


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