Sunday, April 15, 2007

Lutong Airstrip Report

Research/Study Case

Type 1 and 3 (Paranormal Activities, Ghost and Apparition)

Peaceful old Lutong Airstrip in her operation days.

Location : Former SSB Lutong Airstrip

Date : 4th Dec 2005, 27th Oct and 19 Nov 2006

Methodology : Interviews, site visit and data collecting.

Accessibility : 15 minutes by vehicles from Lutong Town. Located 20-35 meters from beach

ParaCrypt RSG on field: Fadlee (Katana), Ezan (BlackPenguin)

Location brief background

Own by Sarawak Shell Berhad and closed for ops in mid 90’s. Claimed to be haunted by ghost of WW2 Japanese soldiers and a ghost of woman in white. Mysterious sounds and events reported by the SSB Auxiliary Police around the area during her operation day and somewhere around 2004-2006

Current photo of the airstrip.
Once where the Control Tower was standing. Several claims from the SSB Auxiliary Police veterans claiming they hearing footsteps from inside of the building after office hours and sound of Japs talking and marching near the compound. Worst case reported was some Auxiliary Police personel run away to the Main Office Gate 9 few kilometres away from Lutong Airstrip in the middle of the night after their guard house being shake continously by unknown forces and hearing scraches from the roof and doors.

Anderson Bridge-Named after Mr Anderson, Former SSB ED. 'Lady in White' favourite spot during night time

Entrance to the Car Park

View from another angle of the car park.

Investigation Report:

  • Airport buildings have been demolished and only left today was the old airstrip
  • A ‘broken car’ spot during night time and drag/sprint test for car and morobike during the weekend
  • There's several reports which mentioning bout fatal accident occured due to the illegal racing.
  • Several trips and field research have been carried out by T leader and volunteers, only 2 case of unidentified mist and blur apparition near the airstrip.
  • Favorite dumping area at the end of the airstrip.
  • Observation nearly about 6 hours starting 9pm-3 am have been carried out with minor results.
  • Interviews with locals and former SSB employees have been done. 60% reliable source.
Open file status and further research will be carry out in future due to illegal racing activities during the weekend.

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