Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Photo from reader

We received some image and photo of 'ghost' and 'apparitions' from our readers for examination. But unfortunately some of it reveal as a hoax and most of them were tampered image using Photoshop and other technique. Few of the 'ghostly' image were also caused by natural formation or elements such as smoke etc which accidentaly thought as ghost apparitions.

Caused by thin smoke from remaining cigarettes. Judge it yourself.

Image caused by natural dark and bright contrast of sand and stone in the water.

Photoshop tampering effect

Another image editing using Photoshop technique. Note the same 'ghost' effect of the photo with the previous one.

Caused by natural waterfall running down on the rocky surface. But some experts from other research society said it was done using photo editing software. Judge it yourself.

Another too good to be true by using Photoshop.

Hoax photo of a ghostly face.

These are only some of the confirmed fake photo from readers and thanks to the team and other expert researcher who assist in the photo cross examination. However, perhaps some of the sender actualy not aware the actual cause of the mysterious shape due to short knowledge which can create unique image, but willing to know more about the explaination on it. Unfortunately some of people out there always creating fake stuffs for fun and pleasure and also creating email or web pranks just for their popularity.

Anyway, we thanks to the sender for their photo and image.


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