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Piasau Camp House No 75A

Short background of House No 75A, Piasau Camp

In 1970-90’s, many stories of haunting reported by the Auxiliary Police veterans who experienced it during night shift to patrol the area of Piasau Camp. Stories of several earthbound spirit roaming at their place of death is quite famous among them for example the apparition of suicide maid, a ghost of deceased gardener, and other kind of strange sightings is still a mysteries for some retired veterans of AP’s and workers of the SSB housing estate. But the most up closed and personal encounter was the ghost of suicide maid located in the area of House 75A . This haunting ground was situated at the end of Piasau Camp which is few metres away from the last road bump of Piasau Camp’s main road heading to Pulau Melayu. Since the last patrol check point was located near the compound of the house No 75A , most of the AP’s encounters several creepy experiences whenever they came to set the last patrol clock. Goosebumps, strange noise, ghostly woman apparitions, dark figure and even a half torso apparition crossing the road in the middle of the night are some examples of 75A ghost sightings. According to some veterans who had experience the sightings during their time of service with the SSB, the house itself have a very spooky and bloody history which happened many years ago (some veteran maids who works in Piasau Camp said, the case happened somewhere around 1974-5 when it was still occupied) There’s a story of an Iban maid who committed suicide by hanging herself with a piece of cable/rope in the lower room- which is the maid’s bedroom. Motive of her suicide was unclear but according to some veterans workers of Piasau Camp, her suicide was connected to the affair she was having with her Chinese SSB employer which later ends up in pregnancy. Since her employer refused to take the responsibility, she takes her life by committing suicide. Since then, her earthbound spirit haunted the house and seldom seen roaming in her room on the lower floor holding candles on her hands and suddenly vanished without trace. And according to some witnesses, the earthbound spirit also have been seen moving around on the first floor(expatriate's living floor) or sitting next to the window looking towards the passing vehicles. And based on last February, when ParaCrypt Team of 4 lead by Fadlee when to the area during the night time to do some site assessment and data, they experience hard goosebumps and encountered a pale white apparition in formation of mist moving across the lower rooms heading to the kitchen area starting from the main master bedroom which was suspected to be the place where the haunting starts. Due to avoid any problems with the authority since it was about 1145 pm and the area was restricted for non residents they when back and when they try to developed the photo which they took with Sony digital camera, all the file was blank and seems like to be never been used.

Below was part of the First Stage assessment during the house visit on 16 February 2007

2030 hrs – Me, Hafiz, Adi and new member Jack do some equipment check- charged digital camera,flash lights with batteries, handy cam, note book, and night jacket to avoid cold temp during night investigation. We when to Saberkas Com Centre and take dinner- Nasi Goreng Kampung, Roast Chicken wings and some greens. Call Ezan@BlackPenguin to inform him about our trip. He advised just to take rapid assessment on area and come back early to avoid probs. Later he will try to get authorization from SSB AP OIC to have a official authorization to do paranormal study and investigation on the site.

2136 hrs – Fill up bike tank. Me and Hafiz on the same motorbike while Adi and Jack using Jack’s scooter.

2205 hrs- Arrived at the house. Bushes and old palm trees on the right hand side welcomes us. Thank you (joke). Park the bike in the porch space and start collecting data. Hear a faint scratching sound coming from the first floor. Due to condition of the house, perhaps comes from the small tree branches scratching the asbestos roof.

20 meters from the porch’s end was River Miri. Hafiz goes to the dark kitchen which located next to back staircase. Slow breeze felt. Jack and Adi check the first floor from back staircase. Received call from Penguin for report.

Checking the lower floor and go to the master room. Lower floor divided into four sections. Kitchen and toilet was on the left side and two more room on the right. Twigs and dead leafs everywhere. No exact info on how long the house has been abandoned or unoccupied. Hafiz go to the second room which is in the middle between the kitchen area and master room. Master room is roughly 14x12 feet’s wide. Still need to be confirms later. No switch or light panel. Broken and exposed. Might be 15- 20 years emptied. First team goes to backyard with handy cam to investigate the area after seeing some weird movement somewhere among the bushes and the old tree. Few minutes later Adi complains bout the thick bushes. Hafiz take few shots with our cams in the master bedroom and stays in the room for about 20 minutes. Hafiz thinks this room might be the place of the maid’s suicide. Heard faint soft voice coming from the room. Cam still running and recording .Unpleasant feelings felt by us.

2245 hrs - Go out together to meet the other 2 guys after experiencing hard goosebumps. Jack shout ‘ Fxxk what is that!” pointing straight to us with flash light. Turn around and saw pale grayish/white thick mist about my height (Mine is 570 cm height) moving across the rooms toward the kitchen and vanished near the back staircase. First team dashed towards parked motorbike in panic. Jack accidentally falls after tripped into the small ditch which surrounding the building. No serious injury. Broken flash light. Smell weird odors. Maybe from the pollute river. Adi wants to check the room again and go upstairs with Hafiz while Jack sitting on the Yamaha motorbike. Take video shots focusing on upper and surounding area with handy cam for about 20 minutes and mostly focus in the master bedroom. Heads cam towards the stair. Thought seen something. None. Perhaps imagination. Goosebumps continuously felt by all team members.

2325 hrs – Double check belongings to avoid of being left behind. Adi gave Ezan@BlackPenguin a phone call to inform about the incidents. Ezan ask to meet him at Perwira 24 Restaurant.

2340 hrs – Leave for Perwira 24. Adi complaints bout his goosebumps all the way. Jack still looks in panic after first assignment.

First Stage Assessment Report.


1 hour and 35 minutes


1) Roughly 15-20 years abandoned. Yet to be confirms with AP’s. Thick bushes surrounding the compound. No trace of recent clearing by contractor.

2) Faint scratching heard from first floor upon arrival. Surrounding temperature- cold du to slow breeze.

3) Thick bushes and some window panes missing. Doors in bad shape and upper floor- some place is slippery and mossy due to the roof leakage over the years. First floor have 5 section. 1 living room shares with dinning room, 1 kitchen, 1 bath room + toilets and 1 master bed room and 2 single bedroom. All in old condition.

4) Lower floor divided into 4 sections. I kitchen, I bathroom + toilet, 1 single room and 1 master bedroom. All with dead leaves and twigs also soils. Master bedroom in poor condition same with others. No switch panel (perhaps being stolen by vandals). Few glass pane missing from the window frames, soils and grass everywhere.

5) Back staircase still intact but need to be more caution on stepping it. Paint samples taken from the wall seems to be about untouched for many years.

6) Greyish/white thick mist moving across the lower floor rooms towards the kitchen finally vanished near the staircase. And weird odors came from the river. (Note- Nearby river was about 80-90% polluted by oils and some irresponsible peoples sometimes dumps garbage in the river and known as one of the most polluted river in Malaysia)

7) Cold temp felt in every room (might be cause by the room’s humidity)

Physical Evids and data collected

a) Paint samples from the wall.

b) All soft recording (from digital camera and handy cam giving blank recording. Tapes and memory card seems to be never been use even though double check on the equipments, tapes and memory card have been done before going to the location)

c) Only individual team experiences and observations recorded in papers.

ParaCrypt RSG Team member on field- Fadlee, Hafiz, Adi and Jack (New member)

( March 2007 Hafiz and Jack continue their study in local college and university while Adi still active with haunting activities with Fadlee- one of our active member. Still waiting for their reports on Bintulu and Sibu Weekend Haunting trip and mysterious ‘Batu Katak’ among local punters which located somewhere between the old Bintulu- Sibu Highway)

Other haunting which is connected to House No XX was the mysterious apparition of bulls near the small hockey field which situated 40-50 meters from the house by local AP’s. According to the report, one night when he was patrolling at the border of Piasau Camp, suddenly he realized a herd of buffaloes unguarded near the area. Due to the security reason and to avoid the herds trespassing into the area, he went to the operation office and report back to his supervisor for assistance which later went with him to the place where he stumbles with the beast. After seeing the hockey field was empty and neither buffaloes nor other animals were around, they when back to the operation office and the AP keep on convincing his supervisor about what he saw. And after the incidents, many mysterious encounter of the dark herds buffaloes which vanished into thin air whenever guards try to approaching it.

On present day, House No 75A is still empty and seems to be abundant perhaps due to the haunting cases which once occurs there or maybe just waiting her turns to be demolished by authorities and to be replaced with new house building. In the other hand, ParaCrypt RSG is still planning to conduct further research and study on the house history and on ground investigation and for the moment still trying to get into contact with the SSB AP OIC for permission.

- Latest update-

The house already demolished in order to give way to new house construction. Until date, no update yet regarding any haunting of the sites but PRSG still open the case for further research.

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