Thursday, July 26, 2007


Recently, the admin found a lot of page url which using the name of Paracrypt Research and study Group to spread malware and trojans into visitors pc by republishing some paragraph from the articles to cover their activities.

Some of the url example:

  • The information in the article below comes straight from ... ParaCrypt Study and Research Group Paranormal.. ... Related: ParaCrypt Study Research Group ... - 47k - Cached
and more...

Please note that Paracrypt Research and Study Group DOES NOT link, publish,related or whatsoever with above url. Due to visitor's computer security reasons, do not click or open any documents, downloading any programs or softwares from these mentioned sites.

The only url of official blog of Paracrypt Research and Study Group is only at Paracrypt RSG will not responsible for any damage or problems caused by opening these annonymous urls, downloading materials and articles from it.

This information is to protect visitor's computer from being hijacked or infect by trojans , worms and etc.

Thank you.

Paracrypt Research and Study Group
Admin Member

Sunday, July 22, 2007

New ParaCrypt Research and Study Group Admin

ParaCrypt RSG

R Iskandar (BlackPenguin)

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Melvin Lucas (Mel)
Azreen (Ien)

Online registered members

Epul(sPOOFx), Jaz (41Vrtex), Alid (MrBig), Shahdan (Botak), M Alif (Alif), Yulia Adelbrecht (GnomeXGurl), Muhammad Iskandar (Iskandar), Johanna R. ( Joan), Kristen J (Krist), Chua C.H (MayMay), Abdur Rehman (PunjabBoy), Farouq (Farouq), Samantha Peter (Sammy)

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