Friday, February 27, 2009

Sarawak River Dragon or wave?

Ripples not far from the yellow boat

Mysterious ripples in the river and resembles large snake-shape movement

According to local legend and folklore, Datu Depati Jepang has twin son- Datu Merpati and a dragon name Seri Bulan. Their descendant till now believed that the mythical dragon Seri Bulan still exist and guarding his brother's bloodlines. How far is these legend and stories somehow nobody know since it's full of mystiscm and legends. We came across with a photo sent to PRSG admin recently showing mysterious ripples in Sarawak river which people link it to the legends. Further study of the photo still ongoing to determine genuinity. Photo open for readers and researcher to comment.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Giant Snake in Rajang River Hoax Exposed

PRSG Team along with other photo experts member from Europe confirms the image of 'nabau' or giant snake which lurks in Rajang River, Sarawak is a hoax based on the results after testing and enhanced it with spectrum enhancer. The image was actually a photoshop edited image and purposed of circulating it in the internet was to create sensational news and also as a pranks. The picture was also been published in the local newspaper and cause locals to believed that the mythical creature really exist in the river of Rajang.

Here are some of the published photo which claimed to be taken using handphone by the sender.

Areal photo of the so called 'nabau'

Alleged Nabau

Photo published in the local news

Other proof of the hoax was the actual photo of the river itself which taken from plane and the main differences was the actual Rajang River is muddy brownish color throughout the year and never dark blueish color as claimed in the photo. Below is the actual Rajang River in the State of Sarawak.