Friday, March 26, 2010

Hoax elves (orang bunian) nailed head

Paracrypt RSG received these photo which claim to be the head of spiritual being known as elves or 'orang bunian' in Malay language. The sender claims that the head was nailed with a golden nail during the ritual of capturing the being.

However we at Paracrypt RSG revealed it as HOAX due to some clues which the original owner of the photo might not aware or realized during photographing the object

1. The hair is to good to be true and more shiny and looks like made of plastic subtance

2. The tiny rope to hang the object either in the car as decoration or as a key chain

3. More plastic looking rather than skin

Paracrypt RSG

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Haunted Banglo in Batu Pahat, Johor

Based on the story emailed to Paracrypt RSG, the banglo situated at Air Hitam-Parit Sulong-Batu Pahat-Johor Baharu old road have been abandoned for many years and nobody dares to demolish or even live in it. According to some local accounts, the banglo was once used by Japanese Administration office during WW2. However, many ghostly sightings and mysterious incidents happened such as apparition of ghostly entities, mysterious mourning voices etc. Some say it was the spirits of the beheaded prisoners whom their body was thrown into the lake nearby, and others says it came from the soul of dead girl who was raped by the Japanese soldier inside the banglo long time ago. Whatever the story was, the banglo still giving a eerie goosebumps for every passing road user especially during a late night drive.

More confirmation on the sites needed from readers around Johor regarding the haunting.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Confirmed Fake and Edited Image

Above are some of submitted photo earlier to Paracrypt Research and Study Group for comments.

Results from our various analyzing process and also via the online image expert volunteers, all the photos has been confirmed as fake. Based on the photo analyzing results, all the photo's EXIF and BAG results showing it has been edited using photo image editors.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

WW2 Japanese soldier apparition

I have been following PRSG official blog for quite some years now and I'm so anxious everytime I open the blog to read any new findings and new articles. Keep on the good work guys and may all your efforts be blessed.

I would like to share some of my personal experience of encountering paranormal entities especially what most people called 'GHOST'. It was happened when I was visiting a famous fort in Manila, Philippine years ago. I was exploring few of the dungeon and I took several photo to show to my friends back home. I didn't realized there was something eerie inside my photos until one of my friend show it again to me. it was the figure of a man. On closer inspection the man became a soldier dressed in full period uniform of the Japanese Army! He stands holding his rifle in front, with the butt at his feet. Has this soldier been captured in an ethereal moment in time, whilst standing guard over his prisoners? And in addition there was also a bright , strange and random specks of light which clearly seen in the photo? Were they merely the reflection of the flash in the camera - or were they a strange atmospheric phenomenon or something else?

In this close up, his hat, nose, mouth and ears can be clearly discerned. It is a ghostly and inexplicable apparition. It's really gave me a creeps and I would like the readers and other researchers to give comments bout the eerie phenomenon


Philippines Haunting

Signboard of the Balete Drive

The eerie look in one of Balete Drive area

Balete Drive ghost stories have been around allegedly since the 1950s. The most popular is a “white lady” that haunts the long avenue and seems to target cab drivers in particular—but not exclusively. The hair-raising accounts went through the years, many claiming to have personally seen this mysterious lady. Paranormal experts believe that the white lady was raped by Japanese soldiers during the Second World War, and other version was in one late night a cab driver violated a pretty girl on her way home. Since then, the ghost stories started and circulated in the metropolis. Witnesses of the white lady, advise motorists to avoid the street at night, especially if they are alone. If it is necessary to travel the route, they advise that the backseat of the car is fully occupied and that no one should look back or look in any mirrors.

The apparition wears a night gown, has long hair but has no face or one covered with blood. This has somewhat become part of Philippine folklore unofficially. Other ghost tales of Balete Drive include spirit kingdoms, spirit creatures, and haunted houses.

Another view of Balete Drive

Balete Drive connects the long span between E.Rodriguez and N. Domingo Avenues in New Manila, Quezon City. It’s about 45 minutes travel from Manila via the Cubao route through Espana and E. Rodriguez Avenue. The Balete Drive corner at E. Rodriguez is a bustling business area mushroomed with fast foods and other establishments.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Miri most active haunting site and location

Due to request from Miri readers and folks via email, Paracrypt Research and Study Group proudly share and released some of the list of most active haunting ground in Miri for other researchers who might be interested to conduct their own research and test. The known active haunting ground was:

1. Krokop Chinese Cemetery (half torso apparition)

2. Riam Bus Stop near Chinese Cemetery (actively haunting especially around 2-3 am)

3. SRK North compound (Japanese soldiers marching)

4. Taman Awam children's pool under the bridge (weird entities and EVP)

5. Curtin University near the lake and island (dark entities, lady in white and EVP's). Other place was in ME, GP Building and also area surrounding the campus.

6. Tanjung Lobang old government Quarters (mysterious dark apparition)

7. M- Floor of Wisma Pelita Tunku @ Electra House (EVP's and ghostly entities of a lady and apparition of male wearing khaki color uniform-old PDRM uniform). The site also known as one of famous location of a murdered police inspector in 80's.

There are more known active area which is still waiting to be confirm by the PRSG team and we will keep up updating on the latest location status to reveal the truth behind the phenomenon.


Paracrypt Research and Study Group

Haunted house in Kuala Belait, Brunei

The haunted house in Kuala Belait, Brunei

Another view of the house

Mysterious cases still surrounding the house history

Based on the email received by Paracrypt RSG, this house was actually build nearly 20 years ago and till date nobody wants to stay or even live in this house due to various disturbance and haunting. One of the famous story about the house was how the tenants were mysteriously moved or shift from inside of the house to outside near the roadside by unknown force or in the other term- ghost. How far the claim was true no one knows but the house still standing and empty till date. Any Bruneian from Kuala Belait is highly appreciate to flow some information of the real stories behind the phenomenon.

Hantu atau slow shutter?

ATAS: NOR Kharunisa menunjukkan imej lelaki tidak berkaki (bulatan) di belakangnya yang muncul apabila gambar itu dirakam di sebuah restoran di Johor Bahru baru-baru ini. KIRI IMEJ lembaga bertudung dengan muka yang kabur (bulatan) ini didakwa tidak kelihatan sewaktu gambar ini dirakamkan di Air Hitam, Muar baru-baru ini. JOHOR BAHRU -

Belum reda kisah lembaga 'wanita kebaya merah' di Lebuh Raya Utara-Selatan, kini timbul pula kisah dua orang di sini yang terkejut melihat gambar mereka rupa-rupanya ada imej lain yang tidak disangka-sangka.

Nor Kharunisa Abd. Ghani, 24, mendakwa dalam sekeping gambar yang dirakam menggunakan telefon bimbit di sebuah restoran di sini baru-baru ini meresahkannya kerana ada imej 'lelaki tidak berkaki' di belakangnya.

"Saya hanya menyedari imej ganjil yang kabur itu apabila memasukkan gambar itu ke komputer.

"Pada mulanya saya ingatkan itu adik angkat saya, tetapi dia ketika itu duduk di hadapan saya,'' ceritanya ketika ditemui Kosmo! di sini semalam.

IMEJ lembaga bertudung dengan muka yang kabur (bulatan)
ini didakwa tidak kelihatan sewaktu gambar ini dirakamkan di Air Hitam, Muar baru-baru ini.

Dakwanya, sejak kejadian itu perasaannya menjadi tidak tenang kerana terasa seperti diekori.

Sementara itu, seorang lagi yang mendakwa berjaya merakamkan gambar ganjil, Mazluini Jema'an, 36, berkata, dia terkejut apabila ada imej wanita bertelekung tanpa muka muncul di hadapan gambar seorang saudaranya.