Saturday, April 19, 2008

ParaCrypt RSG WW2 Haunted Execution Field Project

Old local government residential ruins

Former British and Japanese WW2 HQ from the distance

The location where the team saw apparition of WW2 Japanese soldier standing
( Sentry position)

Location near the haunting site

The roads where we managed to captured various EVP recording during
our night research

Nearby field not far from the location

The small road heading to the cliff where numbers of walking headless torso were spotted

Brief background

Located at Tanjong Lobang Miri, Sarawak. The location was known as one of the Japanese HQ during WW2 and the cliff and field at the back of the HQ was the place the execution of POW and Shell high ranks staff was beheaded and shot took place. Investigation was done by PRSG team and night haunting research was conducted recently with a positive result thou there's some unexplained incidents of malfunction equipment after being left behind for several hour. The investigation is still going on in order to get a very impressive findings.

Recent findings were the sound of WW2 fighter airplane in diving and hovering the area (A WW2 Japanese Zero fighter wreck was found in 1960's at the foot of the hill at the back of KTDTHB (Kolej Tun Dato Tuanku Hj Bujang which now already missing due to the scrap metal collecting activities done by local), rifle shot, apparition of headless torso (POW) and full torso of Japanese soldier- clearly visible and saw by team members, footsteps and whistling.

A further PRSG investigation will be done soon in order to capture and record more audio visual.