Monday, May 31, 2010

Ghost sightings in Betong Police Station, Sarawak

Apparition of a white lady with a long hair claimed to be disturbing the police officers and staffs here in Betong District Police Headquarters, Sarawak.

The sightings and hauntings started few days after the relocation of the old District Police headquarters to their new building at Kuak Huat Wee Street in Betong, 150 kilometres from Kuching.

Since then continuous haunting and eerie feelings experienced by the police officers on duty, and some even claimed to saw the ghostly apparition of the white lady in the detaining cell block

The most bizarre haunting was a case where the spirit manifested itself as one of the duty officer, roaming around the complex and never answers upon calling and later vanished in the thin air.

According to one of the source, there's a case of night shift officers encountered an apparition of the lady in white dress with her hair touches the ground which later creates panic among few of the officers resulting one of investigating officer force himself to jumps out from the second storey building after seeing the ghost. Luckily there's no serious injuries caused by the bizarre encounters.
Meanwhile, the District Chief of Police, confirmed the stories and even calls local sharman to exorcise and cleansing the area from further disturbance.

(from local Harian Metro news)