Tuesday, November 30, 2010

SITUBONDO, Indonesia - an entity which claimed to be the ghost haunting an antique spear is now captured and sealed in a bottle by an Indonesian Paranormal according to the local news yesterday.

According to Agus who captured the ghost, perhaps it was the ghost who took cares of the antique spear which were kept in the yard by a local man. The alleged spear was buried in the earth when Agus manage to pull it out during cleansing and it's not yet confirm either the spear belongs to ancient royal kingdom or not.

Yesterday, local news and media shot some of the photo and manage to get this alleged claim to be the apparition of the entity. According to the witness, the apparition in the bottle seems to be in a form of a whitish half torso entity.

How far was the claim is not yet to be confirm by Paracrypt RSG since we don't have the item. However, Paracrypt RSG welcome any comments especially for those who living in Indonesia regarding the news and media reports of the case

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